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Bison Blue Cheese Burger

Prep Time: 10 Minutes                Cook Time: 6-10 Minutes



1 1/2 lbs Ground Bison

2 Tbs Dijon Mustard

2 Tbs Roasted & Chopped Shallots & Garlic

1 Tsp Worcestershire Sauce

Kosher Salt, to taste

Fresh Ground Black Pepper, to taste

Burger Toppings Ingredients:


Blue Cheese

2 medium Red Onions, sliced

1 Tbs Balsamic Vinegar

Splash Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 bulbs Fennel, Sliced

Splash Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Combine all ingredients and form 6 patties adding approximately 1 teaspoon of blue cheese into the center of each patty. Grill to order.  

Slice red onions drizzled with extra virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar. Grill until tender.


2 bulbs of fennel, sliced & sautéed until tender.


Toss the onions & fennel together and place on bison burger.

Serve with rosemary roasted potatoes and homemade coleslaw.

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